Asset Development Services

Asset development services, like consulting in green field factory projects or brown field modernizations, we provide within selected growth industries like electricity and telecom network related industries. Typically here our client is the investor and our services are related to business development, technology development/review, manufacturing planning, organizational development, project management and commissioning / start-up of the assets.

About us

We are an internationally operating consulting company specialized in reliability and maintenance management development, improving machine and equipment manufacturers’ service business and helping in improving manufacturing assets throughout their entire life cycle.

The company was established in 1974 in Helsinki, Finland and today hosts a growing number of professionals with different industrial and professional backgrounds in different countries. Our own team and network is a balanced mix of experience and new thinking. We can meet challenges from globally operating clients in different cultures.


Our key to success is to combine strategic thinking, managerial best practices with profound understanding of industry specific technologies. Our people and network partners come with different backgrounds, but share some basic principles and believes: -We are honest, true and open, -we have good sense of humor (at least we think so…), -we listen and dare to say when we do not understand something, -we’ve seen enough to cut all sort of business nonsense, -we believe in good balance between work and personal life, -we are eager to learn new things everyday