Disruptive Service Development – Measurable Value Added Services for Forestry Machinery Client

Management Systems designed, facilitated and documented a service strategy process for a large international machinery corporation to identify, describe and deliver measurable, added value services with new earning logic to their clients. The core is the calculation model that defines the service contract value to the client and is the basis for pricing and contract follow-up. The new contract models were launched with great enthusiasm a year ago -

Improving Maintenance Mgmt Efficiency in Paper industry

As an Alliance Partner for IDCON Inc. (www.idcon.com) we assessed and identified a maintenance development program for a Central European paper mill that focused on developing maintenance planning and scheduling activities leading to a calculated profit improvement potential in the range of 3–5M€ annually.

Increasing Middle Eastern Cable Industry Awareness of Operational Excellence

More than 100 cable industry executives across the Middle East and North Africa joined Maillefer Extrusions's 2 -day conference in Cairo to share and learn new ideas and best practices about staying competitive in the cable industry. We designed, facilitated the presentations, organized and managed the event together with Maillefer's Cairo Service Center - this as a one step to promote and launch the value added services we designed for them.

More Added Value Services for North American Plywood Industry – A Customer Needs Survey

By visiting and analyzing six North American plywood manufacturing sites, we helped our globally operating client to better understand the quality of present maintenance service performance and NA key customers' actual maintenance service needs. After the reporting session we were hired to assist in redesigning the service concept, related services and to outline the change program to implement a new operational model.