High Voltage Power Cable Accessories Factory

Management Systems Oy together with Rösch Engineering GmbH provides project planning, project management, business planning, design / engineering and sourcing services for a European cable manufacture in establishing a green field HV and EHV cable accessory plant for voltage range of 145 kV – 420 kV. Scope includes designs for joints, GIS and outdoor terminations in dry and wet constructions.

Reliability and Maintenance Development

We strive for increased reliability and lower maintenance costs – sounds strange doesn’t it. In reality this should be the aim of any manufacturing organization or company providing maintenance services to industry. From the year 1974 Management Systems Oy has been contributing and assisting Finnish industry in maintenance management development. The discussion topics, challenges and solutions has remained the same. Some three letter acronyms existed for a while and vanished. But we are extremely lucky, beginning of 2012 we have found our soul mate: IDCON Inc. Raleigh, NC, USA. With them we share same believes and approaches and from now on, with their alliance network, we are basically free to offer our services anywhere in the world. Together we provide maintenance management expertise for the industry under their trademark.

Please visit www.idcon.com.

Service Development

We help our clients to intensify their customer service operations with existing clients or to attract new profitable customers via improving their service strategy, service portfolio, business processes and management practices. Our clients are a range of internationally recognized industrial organizations, which are determined to provide value-adding services for their customers.

We are working together with our customers to develop services that can be concluded to be a part of a service strategy or a support function for the main product. Our down to earth approach for solving problems and strong experience from several industries will provide a great standpoint for successful solutions. This will result outstanding customer satisfaction to our clients as well as their customers.