Collaborative Consulting and Engineering to Deliver Tangible Results

Business Design – Innovation meets Experience

When needed, our approach mixes research, full project and business model prototyping and organizational design in parallel. We define an ideal solution and work backwards to identify key intermediate steps that can be launched quickly, and new business prototyping to confirm and refine ideas in the marketplace before a large-scale launch. We look for white space in the business ecosystem, flesh out emerging opportunities with the data required to support investment decisions and work with clients across functional boundaries to develop plans for prototyping, launching and refining new products and services.

Service Design – Servitization at its Best

Designing services that work requires holistic understanding of a company’s total ecosystem. Our team is expert in all aspects of service design and delivery: environments, communications, maintenance know-how, customer interaction, process re-engineering and service operations. For existing services, we map the customer’s journey to understand how they perceive the service, what is their experience and design ways to improve it. For new services, we envision the ideal customer experience and design specific interactions that will bring that experience to life. Our service design team collaborates across client organizations, with external firms and our own experts. Via prototyping elements of both the business model and service experience in parallel, we quickly discard weak ideas and refine the strong ones. We test back-office operations and front-line delivery, while gaining buy-in from key stakeholders. We’ve made powerful B2B services designs across a wide range of public and private organizations and industries, including regional development organizations, city support organizations, forestry, pulp & paper, wind energy, wire & cable, hoisting systems, transportation, energy and marine in different cultures and language areas.

Reliability Upgrade – Current Best Practices in Maintenance Management

We are experts in reliability and maintenance management as a part of alliance with IDCON Inc. We work with all types of industry, all over the world. IDCON has local resources in Russia, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Australia and have customers in 52 different countries. This gives us exposure to the reliability and maintenance best practices worldwide. We’ve helped businesses across the spectrum of the processing and manufacturing industry, from large companies with many locations to smaller companies with a single location. We provide customized consulting. We do not apply a canned solutions. Reliability improvements will be adapted to each plant’s culture, financial constraint’s, existing union agreements, and the current work system. Our reliability and maintenance philosophy is based on industry experience and common sense. Most importantly, it has proven to be highly accepted by operations and maintenance personnel, managers, as well as hourly personnel and union representation. We are independent - We are not tied-in with any supplier of other services, such as engineering, construction, or computer systems. More about IDCON

Growth Strategy

Our growth strategy team has been working with leading companies in different industries including mining, construction, machinery, telecom, maintenance services, renewables. We draw from a wide range of proven techniques and continue to invent new ones as we connect methods across disciplines and integrate new thinking from emerging research. Combining creative thinking with business strategy, we quickly model new opportunities both experientially and financially so that they can be rapidly tested with clients and stakeholders. By prototyping the design of the offering, the experience and the business model in parallel, and rapidly cycling through multiple tests and iterations, we produce actionable growth strategies that connect with people and deliver real business results. Our team has worked in different cultures and countries for large and medium sized global clients and startups.